Tax and Law

Legal and accounting services Hua Hin. Family law, litigation, consultation, real estate purchase, lease, criminal law, property law, tax and labor law, intellectual property law and international trade. Accounting and taxes, notary services and translation of documents.

For Events

The best salons-shops of natural flowers are at your service. Sale, delivery and festive decoration for events. Delivery and decoration with balloons of various themes and complexity.

Repair Services

Companies providing various types of repairs in Hua Hin. Water supply, Electricity supply, Electrical appliances, Installation of your equipment and commissioning, construction. Repair of computers and mobile phones. Service repair Apple devices.

Domestic Services

Room cleaning, cleaning mattresses and sofas, maid services, removing complex dirty stains, removing dust mites, cleaning air conditioners, cleaning the exterior walls of your home and cleaning windows. Professional laundry and dry cleaning services.