Object System

Introducing our object system. User-friendly interface and stylish design. At the moment we are adding only the description in English. If necessary, the user can use the built-in translator of his browser, it's simple.

Object 1.jpg

1. All objects are linked into niche catalogs.

2. On the category page, objects are displayed in a simplified form, name and image. There is also the "Like" function.

3. On the category page there is also a map with the exact location of the object, opening hours and links to get directions. It will be very easy for tourists and city guests who are not familiar with the name of the streets to find you.

object 5.jpg

4. Name.

5. Description.

6. Picture.

7. Built-in video player, you need a link to your video on Facebook or YouTube with open access for viewing on third-party resources. High-quality promo videos provide better recognition and appeal.

8. Working hours.

9. Direct link to your resource. It's free!

10. Active link to your location on Google maps.

11. Convenient functionality for disseminating information, share on social networks or a link to the object page.

12. The "like" function, over time, the indicators will grow and, accordingly, attract more attention.