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The name comes from the ancient Greek word pelekan, which comes from the word pelekys, meaning "axe". Fossil evidence of the existence of pelicans dates back to 30 million years. Modern pelicans are found on all continents except Antarctica.
There are 8 species of pelicans in the world. In Thailand, the species spot-billed pelican lives. This is a large waterfowl with gray-white plumage with wide long wings for a soaring flight and a long beak with a large sack for the throat, used for catching prey. Feed mainly on fish. They have a long neck and a short square tail. Pelicans swim well with their strong, fully webbed feet. They are one of the heaviest flying birds.
Pelicans are sociable, travel in packs and nest colonially. Currently endangered.

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Fauna of Thailand

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