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Malayan pit viper

Malayan pit viper

Malayan pit viper lives in Southeast Asia, in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This is the only Asian pit viper with large crown scales and smooth dorsal scales. Attains an average length of 90 cm. Dorsally it is reddish, grayish, or pale brown, with two series of large, dark brown, black-edged triangular blotches, which are alternating or opposite. There is a broad, dark brown, black-edged diagonal stripe from the eye to the corner of the mouth, with a narrower light-colored stripe above it. Prefers live in coastal forests, bamboo thickets, unused and overgrown farmland, orchards, plantations as well as forests around plantations, where it searches for rats and mice. A snake bite causes severe pain and local swelling, deaths are not common. Many victims remain amputated due to a lack of antivenom and early treatment. The venom of this species is used to isolate a thrombin-like enzyme called ancrod. This enzyme is used clinically to break down and dissolve thrombi in patients and lower blood viscosity to help prevent heart attack and stroke.

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