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Great Cormorant

Great Cormorant

Great Cormorant is a large black bird weighing from 1.5 kg to 5 kg. This is a widespread species of birds. Males are usually larger and heavier than females. It has a long tail and a yellow spot on the throat and white spots on the hips and throat. Large cormorants are mostly silent, but sometimes they make various guttural noises.

Great cormorant nests in colonies near rivers and sheltered coastal waters. Pairs will use the same nest site to breed year after year. The male builds a nest on trees and on the ground on rocky islands. The female lays a clutch of three to five eggs. The eggs are pale blue or green. These eggs are incubated for a period of 27 to 31 days.
Great Cormorant eats fish. They prey fish by diving and capturing it in beak. The duration of the dive is about 28 seconds, while they dive to a depth of about 6 meters. Studies show that their hearing has developed for use underwater, helping them detect fish.

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