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Baya Weaver

Baya Weaver

The baya weaver is a very intelligent and obedient bird, the size of a sparrow, but yellow. In earlier times, street performers in India trained the baya weaver for entertainment. They could pick up items at the command of their trainers.
They are best known for their hanging nests woven from palm leaves. They feed on seeds in harvested fields and sometimes damage ripening crops, therefore, sometimes considered as pests. They also feed on insects, small frogs, and geckos.

Nests are built mainly in colonies. It takes males about 18 days to build a complete nest. Even before the nest is completed, the males begin to show it to the females, flapping their wings and calling. Females inspect the nest and signal acceptance of the male. As soon as the man and woman are paired, the male completes the nest. Males are fully responsible for the construction of the nest. Both men and women are polygamous. The female lays up to 4 eggs and incubates them for 14 days.

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