Fauna of Thailand


Dangerous Snakes

Everyone knows that in Thailand there are many snakes. Some of them are toxic, while others do not pose a danger to human life and health. Let's see what poisonous snakes are found in Thailand, in particular in the vicinity of the city of Hua Hin, and how they look. Be sure to watch the video, this will give you a better idea of ​​the size and behavior of snakes. But don’t worry, encounters with poisonous snakes are extremely rare and usually end with a few new photos for Instagram!


The tropical forests and swampy meadows of Thailand are home to a wide variety of birds. Thailand has more than 1,000 species of birds. Many of the birds are rare and do not live anywhere else in the world.


Monkeys in Thailand can be found on the beaches, in Buddhist temples and, of course, in national parks. Monkeys are very cute and photogenic, but quite unpredictable. Therefore, if you do not have experience with primates, you need to be very careful and attentive. In this section, you will get acquainted with the types of monkeys that can be seen in the city and its environs.


In the world, there are more than 40 thousand species of spiders, and many of them live in the hot tropical climate of Thailand. When we see spiders, we usually feel fear, because what can be beautiful in these creepy creatures? But there are those whose beauty will admire even the most violent arachnophobes. Let's enjoy these wonderful works of nature together.


Thailand has many amazing animals, some of which are very rare species. You can see wild elephants, leopards, binturongs, bears, wild bulls, tigers and many other animals in numerous national parks. Near the city of Hua Hin, there are two large nature reserves Keng Krachan National Park and Kui Buri National Park.


Thailand's humid tropical climate is a paradise for various insects. Insects are amazing and beautiful creatures, they are hardly noticeable due to their tiny size and are very diverse. Let's take a look at the intriguing and mysterious, colorful and mesmerizing world of insects together.

Frogs and Toads

Frogs appeared millions of years ago. They are one of the most ancient creatures living on our planet. There are many varieties of frogs and they live in almost every country in the world. Frogs choose different reservoirs or artificial ponds as their habitat, although they can also live on land, trees, and even at a depth of several meters in clay soil.


Turtles have existed on our planet for more than 220 million years. A characteristic feature of turtles is the presence of a shell whose strength can easily withstand a load exceeding the weight of the turtle by 200 times. We offer a look at what the turtles you can meet in Thailand.


Thailand has a huge variety of lizards, among them there are reptiles that differ in color, habitat and size. The smallest known lizards reach a length of only 4 cm, while the largest grow up to 3 meters with a weight of about 150 kg. Traveling in Thailand you will certainly meet a wide variety of these beautiful creations.