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4.450.000 ฿

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Mercedes-CLS Coupé

Starting from THB 4,450,000.

Radiant icon.
Compare the star grille and the AMG grille of the new CLS.

The new CLS: a style icon.
The new CLS inspires with a balance of cultivated sportiness and trend-setting design language. The exterior is dominated by the iconic silhouette and perfectly formed proportions. In the interior, the new CLS shines with luxurious workmanship and individual equipment variants.

The new CLS: intelligent solutions in a new form.
The new CLS offers a wide range of options for a unique comfort experience that appeals to all the senses. Intelligent assistance systems and technical innovations give every journey an incomparable lightness. So that you only have to concentrate on one thing: getting to your destination relaxed.

The new CLS: protection in an unmistakable form.
Whether behind the wheel or on the back seat, the new CLS ensures a safe feeling on board at all times thanks to state-of-the-art assistance systems. Thanks to active and passive assistants, you are even more relaxed on the road.

The new CLS: with engines as diverse as the design.
A performer through and through. All the facts about the concentrated power of the new CLS here at a glance.

*Announcement is not a public offer! Please contact TST Hua Hin for details on trim levels and availability.

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